I remember it like yesterday we sat in our dorm at university and said do you think we could do this hitch hike from Zanzibar back to South-Africa. The following day we bought tickets and that Holiday we where off on our first adventure. I remember we arrived at the train station in Tanzania and we rWaldorf; for the distance we need to cover and the time we have, this was our best option. We arrived and wanted to book seats for the supposedly 12 hour journey but as we came to realize there was no seats and the journeys was not going to take 12 hours. We where then bucked in a cabin with some other people and as it became evening we where looking for sleeping options. I went for the luggage storage but as I laid down it became hot as hot can be. But soon I realized no this is not going to work so I went and stood at the door of the train and opened it I sat and stood in the door till sunrise and what a amazing sunrise it was; I saw Elephant and Giraffe and all kinds of antelope and just as I stood there with the cool breeze of wind in my face I realized this continent Africa I absolutely love everything about you!

We live on a continent with beauty all around us. But we as Africans have a choice if we want to see that beauty or not. I choose yes...

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