Australia: Sydney-Nelson

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Amazing and Tough in equal measure.

I honestly never imagined Australia as beautiful as this. I’ve seen birds, trees, animals and heard sounds I’ve only seen on Discovery Channel. I think that’s the privilege of doing something like this on you bike; you truly have the chance to take it all in and to experience it.

The Hospitality of Australians has been inspiring. I’ve been welcomed into homes, shared meals, shared stories and had some great laughs. The people are truly amazing and I definitely changed in my thinking because of what people said. I’m so thankful for that, because this is a Unique Culture; with such a great sense of humor but not only that they think about life.


I said the last two days has been tough. My bike weighs more than I though I’m on about 40-42kg in total. But the thing that’s caught me was I did not realize how hilly Australia is. On day one I climbed 5000m over the 110km, luckily yesterday was much better I only climbed 3000m over 120km. Hopefully the next bit wil be flatter and I can enjoy it more. I’m heading into a reserve today on a ferry as I’m typing this post.

Just ending off this post. Its such a privilege to see and experience cultures and places first hand. You get perspective and appreciate their way of doing things...

Australia so far your really amazing.

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