North-East India

Coming face to face with severe poverty and appreciating the beauty in the far flung places of this country. I remember coming to a place in Nagaland with untouched parts that’s nothing like the rest of India. I remember walking in the streets on my way to church and I could not see anyone in the street I thought it was strange and as I got to Church the Church was packed full of people. After the service I remember sho no one in the streets again and as I was walking down this road on the way to where I was staying I saw this tank coming down with two army cars behind them with machine guns on their roofs and I realized maby something happened or is about to happen here. I later heard from some local people that rebels from Myanmar detonated some bombs just the day before I came to the town. Its amazing the resilience of the people in 3rd world countries it doesn't matter what happens they just seem to make a plan and go on.

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