Australia: Mungo Brush-Limeburners creek

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

The privilege of being on the road for a long time is; you get this opportunity to think, figure out and implement what you learn while your in that space. Also there’s this massive opportunity to appreciate all that’s around you because your so immersed in it.

So cycling through Mungo Brush National park I saw these amazing big trees and again birds I’ve never seen before. This place is truly amazing and it’s a privilege to be able to see all that’s around us. We must always see it as a privilege so the we never take what we have for granted.

Yesterday was a great day on the bike I made good progress with 137km and almost hitting the halfway mark for this journey. Thats exciting but still I have another 500km to go.

Doing adventures doesn’t matter in what form or capacity it creates this space for learning new things, seeing things with a different perspective and truly appreciating the small things in life.

May we always in everything, do it excellently and with perseverance because we can define the culture of the next generation.

Thankful that’s all I can say...


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