I think probably the most amazing thing about the desert is the fact that not many people want to go there. That creates the space to appreciate nature and the serenity that surround us. It also gives us the opportunity to truly think about life. It's a weird place because in the dry and nothingness there is absolute beauty. The best things of travelling in the desert is that you don't see people. I do love people but sometimes it's necessary to break away from people and things around us, so that we can appreciate, admire and think of the things going on in the back of our minds. This is one of those places where you can engage in the process of finding out what is important to you.

In the northern parts of Namibia there is a region called Damaraland. This is a region not many people go to with their 4x4 vehicles just because of all the thick sand, riverbeds and isolation from people. It's that place if something does break it will take a while for it to get fixed and you would probably have to walk quite a distance to reach some place where they could help you fix your vehicle. This is a great place to be in just because of the above mentioned. It creates this place of Serenity that you cannot experience in many places in the world. By doing it in a 4x4 vehicle you get the opportunity to go deep into the desert and experience something about nature that is not accessible to too many people. I remember as we were driving there you see the tracks of the desert elephants and you see some big Gemsbuck running around in the desert and you think how's it possible for anything to survive in this extreme environment. You then you get to see the resilience of nature, it’s able to adapt in the most adverse environment that we know. So much more as humans, we are capable of adapting to every and any circumstance that we are thrown into IF we decide that we want to make this work. It was amazing just driving around in this vast none dry barren landscape and then all of a sudden in the middle of nowhere there's this fountain springing up from the desert floor. You get this fresh cold water that you can swim in, drink from and really just enjoy the refreshing things of nature. a Beautiful picture of beauty in every and anything and we can decide if we want to see it or not.

We were driving all around Damaraland camping under amazing big trees that push their roots deep into the river bed to grow and be a contrasting picture of barren landscape with life-giving green trees.

Making massive fires in the evening and braaing(barbecuing) brings back some of the best memories and stories of previous trips we have embarked on. After a great night of storytelling and eating you throw the bones a couple of hundred meters away from your sleeping spot and wait as you go to sleep under the stars for the sounds of jackals and all the animals coming to scavenge on the bones throughout the evening. It's truly amazing to experience being in such close proximity with animals and nature and what a privilege it is and a privilege it has to be because we cannot take it for granted the opportunities we have to see nature, experience nature and to be part of the conservation of nature. Therefore we have a responsibility to look after the places that we go and not litter or ruin nature but to appreciate and preserve the pieces of nature that we engage with on a regular basis. There are many great people that go around and experience nature but there's many people that absolutely destroy the beauty of the simplicity of nature and not just look at, appreciate and live in it; but they come and deplete, destroy and takeaway the beauty that we’ve been granted the privilege to see. but that is enough ranting about the conservation of nature but it is truly a thing that if it's taken away how are we going to appreciate the things that we have around us.

so again I remember every evening you sleep under the start and appreciate the things that we don't see in the city’s any-more. You look up and study the stars trying to figure out which stars you can see. One of my fondest memories is waking up late in the evening/early morning and and be in awe of the lights above us, you lie awake and you don't want to close your eyes just because it's so beautiful. Then in the morning it's amazing to just turn in your sleeping bag on the sand and as the coolness of the early morning just before the sun pushes out from the horizon you catch a glimpse of the sun rays coming up through the trees in the riverbed and through this desert. Waking up as this is happening you hear all the birds coming to life in those areas and it's just a privilege to be able to listen to the sounds and appreciate it.

I'm absolutely in awe of Namibia. It’s a place that is unique and full of interesting history, culture and nature. It’s still one of the great many places where you are able to wild camp and roam free in this wilderness. a Privilege it is and it privilege it will stay and I'm thankful that it’s literally on our doorstep.

We go to Namibia quite regularly at least once a year for exactly that reason to get perspective on the things of life and to appreciate all that is around us. I'm forever thankful for the people that gave me my first opportunity to witness Namibia. A place close to my Heart...

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