We are so privileged in South-Africa... No matter where you live we have access to some of the most pristine nature and friends. Magalies is only one of them.

Living in the city has been tough in some regards, but all problems has some sort of solution if were willing to offer up something. But then we as humans do not want to offer up what is comfortable to gain what is good. Thankfully thou, we have been blessed with such a great group of friends. They inspire, encourage, correct and edify each other to live lives that's worthy of Who we believe in. Passion for the great outdoors creates a platform to appreciate the beauty of life but also it frailty. It solidifies our dependence on Jesus the one who gives, sustains and takes away all life. It's such a privilege to believe in a God that created all that's around us, there is no shame in believing(Making the assumption with this post that shame comes with belief in something people around us do not understand.) The freedom come when you truly believe your beliefs. When you wholeheartedly, sober minded and with action believe your beliefs, how the can one be ashamed of what you believe?

That's why we can say it's a privilege to live in South-Africa.

Live a purposeful life...

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