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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Cycling in my home country has been amazing. It‘s so refreshing to see the diverse beauty we so easily take for granted.

Our country has so much nature and such amazing people. The past week it’s not just the beauty of nature that rekindled this passion for our country it‘s the people of this nation. We live in a diverse nation and that diversity is beautiful.

I’m always an optimist and that makes me want to see the best in everything. But one does not have to be an optimist to really see the good things of our country. One just need to open your eyes and engage with you environment and community. I think you‘ll be surprised by the great things around you.


I’ve cycles 700km now through a beautiful of our country the Western Cape. I’m entering the Eastern Cape today. I’ve seen mountains, flowers, bush, trees and the coolest of all some amazing people.

I’ve crossed some rivers the Boat and almost lost my bike in the ocean. I cycled some rough Gravel and some spectacular gravel. I‘ve climbed a lot and had some great lunches under a tree. But the best of all was the privilege of praying for our nation and it’s people.

South Africa we love you!!!!

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