Land of the Long flat White

I Arrived at the airport no fuss and first thing when I saw Le Roux and Zahn the gave me a flat white and some chicken McNuggets. I saw it appropriate to dub this country the Land of the Long Flat white.

It’s been so good and visiting one of my best friends from university. I remember I’ve been Saying that I want to go and visit him for many years now- At last I got the opportunity to go and visit him. The great thing about visiting people in their home countries is that you gain perspective on how they live, think and do things. Everything we do is because of some influences in our lives and if we take the time to immerse ourself in someone’s environment we can understand why they do thing better.

It was full on everyday packed full of adventure and I expected nothing less. Knowing Le Roux, rest was not an option.

Think one of the coolest things we did was when we Casually went for 20 K hike- seriously beautiful forests with hanging cliffs and beautiful rugged oceans.

It was full so of new and unique experience. I snowboarded for the first time in my life and how fun was that!!!!! I saw birds that you can only come across in NZ. Best pies in the world.

We tried to go two people on one paddle board, epic fail-but always great experience with Le Roux. We had so much fun and it was all round great catching up with them nothing has changed but a lot has changed. I know that doesn’t necessarily make sense but if you know him you’ll understand what I mean.

This is those one of a kind friendships that do last forever and I’m thankful for the opportunity to meet up with them in their home country the land of the Long flat white.

Cheers Le Roux and Zahn


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