I remember this was a surfing mission to a part of Indonesia not many people go to surf. There was some of the most amazing waves and it was special to be in this country with no other people in the line-up. I remember that one day we where scouting out some Islands and asked the driver to drop us off and come and fetch us the next day. It was amazing to be on this little island and walking around it swimming seeing komodo dragons on the Island and having so much fun on the island. As the day draw to a close and hearing the ocean right next to you and having a amazing fire for the joy of being outside we went to sleep. The next morning nice cup of coffee and some cookies for breakfast awaiting our departure from the island. We then realized this boat is not coming today so another day of fun in the sun swimming and looking at all the wildlife on the island making jokes and just enjoying this island. The next day we where out of water and had to climb and get some coconuts this was the first time climbing a coconut tree and its harder than it looks, also scouting the coastline for bottles that may have some fresh water in we can boil to drink and make some 2min noodles. After a couple of day we realized our bouts not coming at all and we thought of some plans that if we paddle with our surfboards we might make the island and from there move to another island till we get the people. But lucky for us there came a big blue boat and from the distance we starter to try and get his attention to pick us up. We got his attention they asked how did we get here and we told them the story and then asked them if they can take us to this amazing surfing pot we've been wanting to go, but first we must eat some nazi goreng(Egg and Rice with Chilly). That was the best being stranded on a Island for several days I’ve ever had it made you realize that no matter what there's always a plan you can make!

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