There are many great stories about this amazing country. Natural beauty and close encounters with wildlife is the norm in this place. I remember we came to this island where we where going to sleep for the night and walking waist height in the delta looking for snakes, crocks, elephants and hippos that could be close by we all of a sudden heard a hippo sound 15m from us just grazing out of sight in the bushes. We knew now we have to slowly move out of this amazing animals territory. I remember as we where moving away slowly and quietly as possible in water waist deep I though wow what a privileged to encounter these animal so closely. I remember on another occasion we where cycling in a part of the Okavango Delta as we got on the Elephant Highway(the roads the ellies make) we saw in the distance something that looked like a forest upon our closer arrival we saw that this seemingly forest started to move and then after another while we realized that this was indeed a heard of a couple thousand buffalo we where herding buffalo as we drove the elephant highways through the grassland dust kicked, thundering sounds as these animals run alongside us and a constant checking if we are in no real danger. After leaving this massive heard of Buffalo we drove on encountering Elephant in our path but the best was two of our friends where cycling maby 20m in-front of us and as they passed a bush all of a sudden the signalled move left move left love left we all moved left because we knew something was happening here as we caught up with the the bush that they passed you could see the male lions tail slowly moving side to side as we drove around to get a better look out came a roar and off he ran to some other cover close by and then we knew this is enough for him we must start to go our way now. But the experience of this is one of the biggest privileged I have ever had in my life and I'm thankful for friends that are willing to do these amazing things and that aren’t afraid to explore all that’s around us.

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