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What a privilege to be able to cycle or for that matter move... Movement contributes to accessibility, when movement is obscured; physically, mentally, geographically even spiritually we become isolated. Isolation hinders growth and experience, the hindrance of growth and experience takes away so many joys in life. We take for granted movement and not just physical movement. I read a great story of a elderly double amputee the other day who submitted Mount Everest in Nepal, extraordinary story of resilience and the fight to never become isolated because of your circumstances.

I'm so thankful everyday to have free movement in all facets of life. But I'm also thankful to draw from from the well of experience people who do not have free movement in their life’s. These stories and experience motivates to do more than ever thought possible.

I came to new Zealand to See, Pray and Experience all that's around us...

My friend Mark van Zyl, he's from Botswana really great guy. He decided to join me on the New Zealand leg of the expedition. We are planning to Cycle from Auckland to Christchurch and take some back-roads as we head on South. We got our last bits of gear ready, had a great time with some friends in Auckland and then tomorrow where of heading South. Super Amped...


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