Australia: Go and do it.

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

I’m at the tail end of the Australian part of this trip.

Almost 800km done and 200km more to go. This was a dream that became a reality. We tend to put those crazy dreams away, far away because maybe we're afraid of actually getting it right then what...

When you see a dream come to be fulfilled, you realize that most of the dreams have the possibility of succeeding. If and when they succeed that will build on what you think is possible.

Once someone asked me a important life changing questions what dreams do you dream with God? This changed my view on dreaming. In everything we do we must be a Christian first. That does not mean we have to be these super weird people it simply means that we have to be ambassadors of Christ in every thing we do...

The dreams we have can reflect something that God has placed in your heart. But that’s when we dream with God and want to see His purposes be fulfilled.

While cycling you get this crazy amount of time to think and pray about the things of life. You come to a place when you push yourself a bit further every day you see what’s possible. Consistently doing something is many times the key to success and when we consistently do those things we then realize the capacity to go beyond what we normally think is possible.

It has been such a privilege to cycling up the coast of Australia. Beautiful beyond what I expected and I’m thankful to have experienced this country firsthand.

The journey is not done yet but excited to finish...


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