Australia: Done and done

976km in 8days it’s been great.

I didn’t make the 1000km mark the police pulled me off because the road rules between NSW and Queenstown changes. The Police told me to rather just take the train, I obeyed rather than making a scene.

I‘m a bit bummed that I couldn’t finish where I wanted to finish but that’s also part of life. There where so many great lessons learned on the road. I think one of the most valuable lessons where; you can always do more than you ever thought was possible. You adapt towards what’s before you...

I really enjoyed this amazing trip. Australia surprised me so much with great people that let me into their homes, gave me meals and had just all-round great chats.

It’s cool to reflect on what you’ve learned and saw in a nation. Just sitting in New Zealand and reflecting on pushing my body to a level I have not done before. I appreciate how amazingly the body has been designed to be able to withstand a lot more than we ever thought was possible. But it’s not just the body that is capable it is how far are you think you can go. Your mindset is the one that pushes you to go further than you think. If you have a mindset that is set to do more than you think is possible you will accomplish it.

The possibilities that is within each and every person is unique. It’s your responsibility to identify those desires and passions and not compromise on them coming into reality. When you accomplish something that is important to you you will come to know that those deep desires are yearning to be fulfilled.

Never can anyone show you what’s in your heart. It’s God that can show you what you’re capable of.

I Think one of the best things about Australia Was the fact that I did not expect it to be that beautiful. I did not expect the nature to be so well kept and full of wildlife. I was intrigued with birds and animals I’ve never seen before in real life only on television. But also the people of this nation you’ve been amazing I’ve enjoyed every moment with every person I met along the way. I love people and when meeting new cultures it intrigues me to know more about them and why they think and do things a certain way. How cool is it that people groups differ from each other and bring something unique to the table of diversity.

First time experiences are probably the best thing you can ever give someone. Because when you experience something for yourself you can draw conclusions that’s not influenced by outside influences. Media and peoples opinions influences and determine the way we think and when we experience something for ourselves we get the opportunity to change our perspective and then maybe influence the perspective of other people(but give them the opportunity to reflect on your opinion and decide if the agree or not.)

This is what I love most about travelling. I love the fact that you get the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture and learn from the culture. There’s always something you can learn and when we stop learning we start dying. We must always stay teachable so that we can always learn from people that knows better or have experienced something we have never experienced. We are the sum total of the experiences. If we experience little in life we will have little appreciation for life. But if we have experienced a lot in life you'll have appreciation for more and you can draw from the experiences in life.

Australia you have taught to draw from life experiences thank you.


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