Attempting to Cycle around South-Africa

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Today marked the start of a trip around South-Africa(man we have a beautiful country) anyway I’m attempting to stay on as much gravel as possible and as close to the borders(ocean and land)


Today was a special day. Always have some pre trip butterflies just because of the excitement. Some of my friends where there to say cheers(what a privilege to have epic friends). So I set off from Stellenbosch all along the coastal roads towards Kleinmond. There I decided that I need to get onto some gravel I knew of this one lake and if I could cross it with my boat then it would save me a couple of KM. So off I went and looked for a good spot to get close to the water; as I got there I saw that the water has retracted and there was probably 200m exposed sand before the waters edge. I thought great I’ll just cycle and smush I went into this sand mud mixture. Now I’ve already committed to this so I have to push through. I moved 2m pick Up the bike place it next to me(now I sinking into the mud) free my legs and go on with this till the waters edge. At this point I really thought what am I doing is this worth all the effort...

Everything was now covered in sand mud and I’m blowing up the boat just checking over my shoulder if the bike hasn’t sunk into the mud. As the boat was done I just put the bike mud and all into the boat and pulled it till I can float in the boat.

Now the next step was to see if I could get a good spot on the other side and not have the same hassles. I picked a directing even thou it was about 2km away. As I paddled I saw some of the most amazing birds even saw some baby flamingos never have I see baby flamingos. So I landed the boat and again had a stretch of exposed sand luckily it wasn’t anything compared to the other side. So I rolled up my boat packed the bike and tried to figure out how to get to the road.

There I met these two amazing people. We started Chatting about the trip and the husband had to go to town. But he’s wife invited me for coffee. How cool are these people out of nowhere came this random guys across a lake and they are not asking: hey why are you here, your not allowed here. No they invite me for coffee. I love the people of our country I pray that the hearts of our people will show even more generosity as there people showed.

anyway, so we chatted and they are just awesome people.

I then said goodbye and cycled towards Hermanus where I slept that evening.

Our beloved Nation South-Africa we love you...

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