We can always chose what side we want to see...

This was indeed true for Bosnia and Herzegovina, like many of the ex Yugoslav countries its a recent memory of how brutal war can be. There are still many people affected by the war and all the things that happened in that era. But its again you can always chose what you want to see and how you want to see it. This country has beautiful nature and some of the greatest people I've met and the understand the hardships of life but chose to move forward towards a better future. I remember sleeping at a train station with some people that beg and are so poor its scary. And through the night we chatted sleeping on our cardboard boxes and luckily it was good weather that night but early that morning just as I entered into a nice sleep I remember being woken up by some policeman and they chased us away like dog. I was not suppose to sleep there but did not have any other choice and the policeman only did his job but what I learned and came to see for the first time in my life that being on the streets ar'nt easy and to constantly be confronted with where's my next meal coming from am I going to sleep tonight and people really think the worst of you its tough but I want to believe we can change that. But the point is it was a sobering experience as to what so many people have to deal with on a constant basis.

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