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Zane Nel is passionate about living life but living it purposefully. Living purposefully comes from his Faith and by that everything he does has to have some purpose. He wants to become one of the great explorers and dreams of expeditions that compare to the likes of Shackleton, Mike Horn, Jimmy Chin, Jim Elliot, Børge Ousland and David Livingstone. He is not at all in the same league as these giants in the explorer world but he has been exploring in some form or another from a young age.

Adventure and exploration of the outdoors has always been part since childhood. He would be intrigued with climbing trees, swimming deep into the ocean, looking at stars, camping ect. As he got older he started to push his own personal boundaries to see how high can he jump into those natural pools, how long can he hike without sleeping, how big a wave can he surf, how can he navigate through this remote region.

This pushing of boundaries created space for learning what is possible. That new found capacity to go outside your comfort zone resulted in near death experience in surfing, it resulted in situations where unknowingly he arrived in a active military zone with tanks and armed personnel, it resulted in being stranded on a island and many more stories. But probably the most rewarding thing it created was not the so called extreme situations but the knowing that anything is possible if we believe it and we always have a choice to see the best in a situation.

Zane Nel is a peoples person and because of that when he comes up with some idea like lets see if we can Hike the Drakensberg with our bicycles and cycle down the mountain he would want to share those joys of doing these adventures with people around him. But he's also capable of doing these things on his own. Most of his most valuable lessons he learned by doing some form of adventure by himself.

One thing is for-sure; its the people around him that make it possible for him to do what he so loves to do. We have the privilege to see and experience the beauty that's around us. It's not a right but a privilege and we have to see it as such.

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